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Rise of The NDFcreated by Korpskommandant Krave (Su, 18.10.15 3:45:06)
Replies: 2"We are not terrorist, we demand the right to govern..."last posting by Korpskommandant Krave (Th, 22.10.15 15:45:23)
schwachcreated by unknown (Fr, 5.12.14 15:29:34)
Replies: 17"Tolles Argument. Stell dir vor, ich bin ein Anfänger,..."last posting by unknown (Fr, 5.12.14 18:21:54)
Don't lay down and die.created by General Patton (Th, 6.11.14 13:51:12)
Replies: 4"hide out, hide out & hide out. don't be shy. :hear..."last posting by WhatzUp? (Mo, 1.12.14 23:39:34)
deffcreated by unknown (Su, 16.11.14 15:32:05)
Replies: 61"Wer weiss "last posting by Lieutenant General Ice Boy (Fr, 21.11.14 23:46:26)
resistance.created by General Patton (Th, 6.11.14 20:12:14)
Replies: 3"Jo denke ich auch"last posting by unknown (Fr, 7.11.14 9:15:29)
Join us and be fancy !created by KFZV/2.0 (Th, 28.8.14 13:53:57)
Replies: 30"Was ist das?"last posting by hanf444 (We, 5.11.14 18:52:58)
New to the game :)created by handsom (Tu, 13.5.14 0:41:26)
Replies: 4"Yes, you have to reset if you want to Change your Name,..."last posting by General Parefloi (Mo, 19.5.14 14:22:07)
Parefloi bekämpftencreated by unknown (Mo, 7.4.14 16:33:11)
Replies: 40"Jup"last posting by General 00Maik (We, 23.4.14 23:41:00)
Die Weltherschaftcreated by General PUTLER (Fr, 28.3.14 9:37:55)
Replies: 7"ja das kommt dann sobald die zeit abgelaufen ist. und..."last posting by General Paul von Hindenburg (Fr, 28.3.14 15:49:57)
High Defenitioncreated by Generalleutnant Uschi_van_hinten (Th, 26.9.13 22:11:44)
Replies: 3"haha ups ja des war mit m handy da is des allesrecht..."last posting by Generalleutnant Uschi_van_hinten (Fr, 27.9.13 6:15:37)
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