What is Modern Conquest

Modern Conquest is a two-dimensional, browser-based webgame that can only be played on the internet.
It is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the modern world of today.
The objective of this game is to achieve world domination, a goal which must be reached within a certain amount of time and which can be achieved through one's own will and power, or by forging a union.
World Domination is a hard and valued achievement and there are several routes that any player may take to subdue all other players. These are the fanatic, the rebel, the criminal, and finally the politician. Whether or not the religious zealot or the underground Mafia suits one's taste there is a path for everyone.
Everything matters: strategic talent, military power, well-chosen alliances, hard-earned fame, control over the underground, and a high income. All contribute to whether or not victory will be achieved.
Eventually there will be a winner, or time will run out and the race to dominate the world will begin again. Where will you stand?

Modern Conquest is an unofficial hobby project which was born in 2003 and been in development ever since.
Participation in this game is open to everybody as long as the terms of participation, as given when joining, are being obeyed.
Partitipation in this game is free of charge.