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Städte: Dublin

Thema: "Liberation Underway!"

unbekannt, Do, 17.2.05 3:27:02:

Attention Free World! The Irish people will no longer stand to be oppressed by their English overlords. The Ruler of Britain, the Tyrant of Ireland, mdgeist, shall fall! We're comin' for ya boyos!

unbekannt, Do, 17.2.05 4:04:05:

From the Desk of Head Speaker Townsaver:

Hear me all! The Blessed Ones, with Allah behind them, do not condone this rogue activity.

What did rosinski do when the infidal armies marched into Georgia? Nothing.

You have done Allah wrong. This is your chance to redeem yourself in his  eyes. Withdraw from Ireland.

--Townsaver, Muhammad's Sword of Fury
unbekannt, Do, 17.2.05 20:57:23:

What have I done to offend you? All that I have owned in Georgia was the Underground.
unbekannt, Fr, 18.2.05 1:13:33:

....the bosstones WILL NOT Hinder to your threats.... although we seemed to have hinderded to ur troops.....
so... yeah...
unbekannt, Fr, 18.2.05 21:30:52:

Tony, I don't know what word you were looking for, but Hinder wasn't it.
unbekannt, Mi, 23.2.05 2:29:31:

meh.... who cares, we lost.
unbekannt, Mi, 23.2.05 21:44:41:

But we went out with a bang. That's all that matters.

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