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unbekannt, Fr, 11.2.05 0:28:22:

Here is the problem: I declared a Jihad on Niggah and moved all my troops to a secret hideout in Czech Republic.  My plan was to attack with all my force at once.  Niggah had sattelite and attacked me in my secret hideout killing most of my army.  None of the guys in U9 or Goura saw this battle, so they think I am lying when I say I am fighting niggah.  Now that most of my army is dead I sent them to New Dehli to be safe from Niggah, and to gather more troops there.  When I did this everyone still does not trust me.  I had no plans of attacking in New Dehli, but every day I log in I have one of them clowns questioning my loyalty.  That is why I attack.  If I really wanted India I could have easily taken it before niggah attacked me in my secret hideout.

I do not care if I have the trust or loyalty of any of you.  I am a good enough player that I don't need to kiss anyone's ass.  If you don't believe this so be it.  You are either with Osama or against him.  It is fine with me if you chose to be my enemy, but be warned:  My enemies finish the round dead even if it kills me.  This is a fact you cannot dispute.  It is your choice.  
Brigadegeneral Balram, Fr, 11.2.05 0:31:40:
Maybe, if you talk some more days about your fantasies, you will believe it yourself.
Dein Tod ist eine Illusion
Rinkadink, Fr, 11.2.05 0:42:31:

Okay, but be honest. It IS difficult not to question your loyality. You have broken so many treaties and have left so many unions just to attack your previous allies, that one can hardly believe you anymore.

And as for India, questioning your loyality was right in the end, wasn't it. If you would have been loyal you wouldn't have killed all the troops of GOURA and me, no matter how often some people question your loyality.

And as I said, I only asked you once about your plans in India, but you just attacked me like everyone else in New Dehli.
And I even asked you why you canceled the treaty between us and you answered that you clicked on the wrong guy, which was a lie obviously.
And luckily I didn't believe it and bought additional troops, to at least increase your loss of units.
Kidd, Do, 12.2.09 23:44:07:

ich würde gerne mich jemanden anschließen

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