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Thema: "Russia"

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unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 3:01:57:

I have troops on the way to snuff out the last of Niggah's troops there.  Once these cities are liberated from his iron fisted rule, my troops will be leaving.  Allah has important business for them yet
These cities are free for anyone to take.  A gift from the benevolent madman Osama Bin Marvin.

As the Jihad on Niggah nears an end, Allah informs me that there is one among us who doubts.  There is one among us who feels he is greater than Allah himself!  That one is Flagg! Flagg seems to think it was not Allah, but he who destroyed Niggah.  Such blasphemy!  It is for this reason that this two faced infidel will pay with the blood of his people.  Praise Allah!
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 7:08:54:

Sorry if I say that but you have nothing to say in Russia. The IdH and the Deagles are there after WE killed niggah. Russia is ours. Only because you had a little fight, you thinkt, that you can give Russia to anyone who wants it? You can't do that. You haven't done enough in Russia.
Rinkadink, Mi, 9.2.05 11:04:13:

Ich erhebe auch Anspruch auf Teile von Russland. Alle Städte die ich rebelliere, würde ich am Ende der Runde gerne als Bürgermeister bekommen.

And btw Allah/God/"insert-name-here" doesn't exist. At least I hope so.
Agnosticism rules!
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 11:25:41:

just see the point osama. u have been a useless medium in this round and achieved a piece of crap
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 15:18:18:

I can't believe a guy from Deagles has the balls to question my contribution.  Every round the Deagles collect as many garbage players as they can get to join, and call themselves a union.  Noobs and no skill players don't make a real Union.    Every round they get stomped by better players, and just because this round they managed to slip by they think they are the real deal.  Hahahahaha.  What comedy.  
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 15:39:37:

This time I was a Deagle dear Osama. That changes a lot. This time the Deagles aren't weak.
And Osama.. this "Noops" from the Deagles.. some of them are my friends. What is for you a "real" Union?? For me a Union is a group of people who I like.  It isn't important how strong that they are. They can learn to be stronger. Or do you think that they don't become stronger?? Hehe^^.
Can you see how much stronger the Deagles are this round? Why do you think that is so? Because Allah wants it?
No, it's because we can learn.

The only comedy this round is, that you think you are someting. This time you are nothing Osama. Even Allah can't change that for this round.
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 17:47:06:

Sure Yuri, whatever you say boss.  I'm going to hide in a bunker from the Deagles next round.  They rule Greenland with an iron fist every round!
Colonel Toni-sf, Mi, 9.2.05 20:54:32:
yuri you seem to like the smilie
I...don't know why...
I never told you...
And I...don't know why...
I never tried...
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 22:37:17:

hehe.^^ Thats only because I had the laught so much after I've read the text of Osama.
unbekannt, Mi, 9.2.05 23:49:48:

Look, I mean no disprespect to the Deagles.  Any Union that can dominate Greenland and the Falkland Islands like they do every round deserves respect.  It's not easy to put together the force needed to protect these valuable rich countries.

The only reason Deagles still live at the end of this round is that they stayed out of my way in the beginning.  If they had gotten their noses into my business like the WTO and Niggah did they would be dead too.  Simple as that.
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