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Thema: "Jihad on KeinPlan!"

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Colonel Toni-sf, Mo, 13.12.04 21:56:13:
cause osama bin marvin doesn't speak german, and he made this thread.

EDIT: damn.. someone faster
I...don't know why...
I never told you...
And I...don't know why...
I never tried...
unbekannt, Di, 14.12.04 2:51:31:

German, English, French, speak whatever language you want.  In the end the only language that is understood by all is the language of violence.  You can talk all you want, but until you speak with bullets and destruction the infidels will not listen! Do not be timid children of Allah! Speak up!  With your tanks, your planes and your soldiers! This is your real voice!  This is your one true language! Speak with your armies, and only then will keinPlan listen - if he's still alive to hear it.  Praise Allah!
[DA]Darkman, Di, 14.12.04 15:18:09:
I do feel pity for keinPlan however... i thought he would fight to hold position for the last ten remaining days, but it seems like he has given up completely... poor infidel, he came so far and then just lost all hope.
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unbekannt, Mi, 15.12.04 5:03:58:

Hmmm.  Pity for an infidel.  Sounds like blasphemy to me  Clearly your people didn't suffer under keinPlan's cruel leadership

You mistake keinPlan's strategy for giving up however.  I think his lack of troop movement to fortify his positions is more a result of not wanting to give up land for nothing.  He would rather lose the country AND the troops instead of just the country.  If he had pulled out of the poor nations he commanded and fortified his richer countries he would have had a chance to hold us off.  Now that he has very little income, the land he does own is becoming impossible to defend.  It's not giving up, its being powerless to stop the blitzkreig.  We hit him hard, we hit him fast.  Each time he blinked he saw his income drop several million.  Sometimes there's nothing you can do against an excellent plan that is well executed.  Even I'm stunned at how successful this plan worked.  Truly Allah is with us!
Akemmer, Mi, 15.12.04 6:54:39:

Oh i think since yesterday kein plan will to defend his countrys because he always attack my troops so in my opinion his is not the whole day not in MC
unbekannt, Mi, 15.12.04 7:01:14:

I think keinPlan lost his infidel mind . 10 days ago hes got a 900 mill. income  , now he´s got about 100 mill . That´s the fury of united modern conquest . But the vendetta isn´t over yet , we won´t stop till they are erased from all statistics
But now seriously , its quite interesting how one man can lose so much if he´s got enough enemies .

und das bestätigt meine Theorie : Man kann nur höchstens 20 Länder halten , alles drüber ist (fast) unhaltbar .

unbekannt, Mi, 15.12.04 8:41:25:

It was the organization of the attacks that did him in.  With the top armies all at once turning on him he had to spread that 900 million out to defend so many countries. Also, the speed of the attacks gave him little chance to react.  

The Jihad started when keinPlan demanded I send troops to help defend Turkey from Daywalker.  I agreed and sent in a massive force.  Then when Daywalker landed I pulled them out before the battle allowing Daywalker to defeat keinPlan.

keinPlan allowed me to use his factories at the time, so I took advantage of this and bought machine gun troops at keinPlan's factories in the united states.  I cancelled my treaty and took over his factories.  Once I owned them, I allowed Raptor to use them.  He had 9 billion dollars in his bank account, so he easily could buy enough troops to take the united states and hold it.

Niggah moved in on eastern europe, engel on asia pacific, and Herostratos on Arabia.  I moved onto central america and western europe.  Everyone else joined in the fun and it was over.  Pure brilliance if i do say so myself.

As a side note, when I took keinPlan's factories he sent me a personal message that said no words, only had this smiley  
I guess he thought this rebellion would be easily squashed.  That was before Raptor and the rest of you moved in.  Who's laughing now?
Brigadier keinPlan, Mi, 15.12.04 9:27:41:

"Wir aber wollen die werden, die wir sind - die Neuen, die Einmaligen, die Unvergleichbaren, die Sich-Selbst-Gesetzgebenden, die Sich-Selber-Schaffenden."
unbekannt, Mi, 15.12.04 12:55:28:

Surely not KeinPlan .

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