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Topic: "Nice Work"

Brigadier General Chad The Impaler, Th, 28.7.22 12:05:33:
I haven't played this game in more than a decade, but I was surprised to find it still up and running. I join and the round has about 40 days left, enough to build an army so i start the process. I look around and see only one guy really playing, but he's in China and seems to be keeping to himself. He already had 10 times as many units as he would need to take over but didn't so I assume he's going to give me a chance to compete instead of ending the round with a deployment. In the forums he's talking about how boring the rounds have been, so I assume he'd appreciate a fight.

For a week and a half I build my army to oppose him, but as soon as i get to 1/6 of his army strength, enough to show i know what i am doing but not enough to threaten him yet, he decides at that point to deploy his troops to all of the countries. OK, so instead of wanting a fight it's obvious you just want to roll over people. Fuck you Loomis, you can play in your sandbox by yourself some more.
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Th, 28.7.22 22:51:19:
Way to tell me how to play the game guy. Maybe if you want me to follow your made up rules you will let me know first eh?
"This is new Lumis!"
Brigadier General Chad The Impaler, Fr, 29.7.22 22:52:52:
I was not telling you how to play the game, I was making a comment on how your actions have created the empty sandbox you currently sit in, with your undersized penis in hand. Be a man and own up to the fact that the way you play the game ensures nobody else wants to.
General Dr. Samuel J. Lumis, Tu, 9.8.22 3:02:29:
Maybe don't attack me first guy (criminals are still an attack). Maybe start the round when the round starts eh? You say assume a lot in your posts. Again, maybe let me know your totally made up rules that you have in your head that I don't know what are and you want me to follow just cause....

p.s. i wont
"This is new Lumis!"
General Patton, Mo, 29.8.22 1:50:26:
CHAD grow up. Plus this game was dead long before those actions you claim of Lumis, you would know if you have been playing. And you thought you would win with crime? Yeah crimw is dead in the game it has been for about a decade! My guess is you suck anyways even bad players can get a general title now...
The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.

George S. Patton


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