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Multiblock Papa Carter, Di, 18.9.18 7:22:40:

A investigative Report published by the Baghdadi Bob Today exposed corruption from within the highest levels of government between Notorious Mob Boss Papa Carter, and Major General Krave. Kraves Top Commandant Jose Alfanso de Gonzalez, a mercenary has flatly denied these accusations, but when pressed on why There has been 0 attempt to stem the tide of crime in south east asia , Jose refused to comment, many claim that the Kraven empire will soon become a criminal safe haven for all, sources who wish to remain anonymous in government say Krave and Papa Carter signed a dark pact, which ensures Krave rules politics, but Carter will maintain the order and stability of the Underworld within the Kraven Government. Krave released a statement saying quote "These are just more of Baghdadi Bobs lies and mis information." The Kravenist investigation Bureau or KIB says that Papa Carter is just a well known businessman who has pledged to combat crime through the use of his Private Security Firm based from Bangladesh. Any accusations which say otherwise are flatly false.

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