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sticky FAQcreated by General Aurora (Th, 12.2.04 19:13:32)
"Frequently Asked..."last posting by General Aurora (Fr, 8.7.11 14:52:57)
sticky English FAQcreated by Generalmajor König Boris (Sa, 5.2.05 8:40:50)
"Frequently Asked..."last posting by Generalmajor König Boris (Su, 6.2.05 8:19:51)
5 years ago...created by [DA]Darkman (We, 8.10.08 14:11:39)
Replies: 37"Hello zusammen, glaube auch dass die MobileƤra die..."last posting by General Parefloi (We, 6.9.23 9:01:01)
Juicedcreated by General Patton (Tu, 11.10.22 20:09:41)
Replies: 5"hello, guys! next round..."last posting by WhatzUp? (Sa, 19.11.22 10:05:11)
Nice Workcreated by Brigadier General Chad The Impaler (Th, 28.7.22 12:05:33)
Replies: 4"CHAD grow up. Plus this game was dead long before..."last posting by General Patton (Mo, 29.8.22 1:50:26)
How many body guards should I buycreated by Joselito (Fr, 3.7.20 11:04:45)
Replies: 28"soliloquies"last posting by knautschzone (Sa, 26.12.20 13:29:20)
interested in purchasing the game. who owns this?created by General Patton (Tu, 20.10.20 21:59:43)
Replies: 1"Unfortunately the admin never replies"last posting by knautschzone (We, 21.10.20 23:36:15)
Round winnercreated by General Patton (Sa, 28.9.19 19:05:30)
Replies: 8"quote: Assassination attempt prevented Fr, 22.5.20..."last posting by knautschzone (Su, 24.5.20 21:33:09)
Round start.created by General Patton (Fr, 30.11.18 21:53:12)
"Starting in the open is most effective. Don't listen..."last posting by General Patton (Fr, 30.11.18 21:53:12)
Some New Round Ideascreated by Korpskommandant Krave (Fr, 14.9.18 10:36:45)
Replies: 1"The game does not attract new players. And for a good..."last posting by General Patton (Fr, 26.10.18 5:57:19)
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