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Thema: "STONE!!!!!"

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unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 19:52:51:

Very clever, stone. You attack me when i leave for the weekend, very clever. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!!!!
General rop, So, 17.4.05 20:03:31:
oh, u were away during the weekend. Otherwise you would have defeated him FOR SURE !
Diplomatie ist die Kunst, einen Hund so lange zu streicheln, bis Maulkorb und Leine fertig sind.

I'm so GOOD. It's like a gift, you know? It's like I just can't control it.
Brigadegeneral Stone, So, 17.4.05 20:06:16:
öhm who atackt me than? ^^

Perhabs your multi rand?
Englisch wie geht das?
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 20:07:11:

@Stone, i didn't attack you

@rop, if i had been on to see him deploying trrops to tabriz/mashhad, i could have retracted my troops and bought more units, making it an actual fair fight.
Brigadegeneral Stone, So, 17.4.05 20:20:58:
i only know that postman atackt nic-man junior and ich helped nic-man with conquering isfahn this is a game, so keep cool. You sended troops to isfahn and that was an atack for me.

Heulthreat, dat nächste mal werf ich mit Watte nach ihm.

Next time i ask you if you are online, and if not i will wait till you are at home -.-'
Englisch wie geht das?
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 20:22:52:

yes, postman attacked Nic-Man, and i tried to get him to leave Esfahan, but before he could respond, you showed up there with 13,000 troops i sent troops there to try to help my friend, but they didn't arrive all at once, so the effect was basically nil.

and thanks, i guess you didn't realize i wasnt there.
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 20:49:12:

Why did thepostman killed my troops???
I didn't attacked him!!!!

Und Stone Danke das du mir geholfen hast!!!!
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 21:11:32:

böser junge! du musst doch warten damit er aufrüsten kann!!! das tut doch jeder oder?
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 21:29:04:

haste gut gemacht^^

pech gehabt rosinski *hihi*
unbekannt, So, 17.4.05 21:34:15:

der kann kein deutsch !

haste gut gemacht^^

pech gehabt rosinski *hihi*
did you well (stone)
you have pitch rosinski!
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